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Trouble for Sidhu; NRI sister Suman Toor alleges Sidhu had abandoned mother

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Ahead of the Punjab Assembly Election 2022, a fresh controversy erupted as Punjab Congress chief Navjot Sidhu’s sister Suman Toor alleged that Sidhu is a cruel person who had driven his elder sister and their mother out of the house in 1986, after the demise of their father. Their mother died in 1989 at the Delhi railway station as a destitute.

Here’s the video of Suman Toor addressing media and breaking down:

Suman Toor who is in Chandigarh brought the allegations against Sidhu in a press conference. She said that she has documents to prove her allegations that Sidhu had been lying about their parents.

Sidhu’s elder sister said Sidhu earlier claimed that their parents were separated when he was two years old, but that is a lie. She also showed a photo of the family and said, “Does he look two years old here?” Tur said their mother asked him why he was lying about the relationship of his parents to which he said he denied saying those things.

Sidhu’s sister revealed that soon after their father passed away, Sidhu drove their elder sister and their mother out of their house to grab the property. Suman came to know about all this long after her elder sister died. Sidhu had cut all ties with Suman as well and denied acknowledging her. Suman said she went to Sidhu’s residence on January 20 with prior information but Sidhu refused to meet.

Sidhu has not yet responded to the allegations yet.

Trouble for Sidhu; NRI sister Suman Toor alleges Sidhu had abandoned mother


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