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An organization requires emotions and actions,  not crowd: D.M. Katiyar

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A great person is one through whom the society receives special & notable kind of contribution, by whose great deeds and works, contributions are made to the society and the nation. Peeping into the past, we find that personalities like Sardar Vallabh Bhai Patel & Mother Teresa have paved a new path and direction, not only for the Indian society, but for the whole world.

A person working for the development of the society without any introduction and fame is not lesser than such great personalities. Our ancestors had foughtforthe independence of India, but in today’s era the great deeds of our ancestors are being eclipsed by some irresponsible people and political conspiracies. To save the glory of our ancestors that ideal man began to struggle since his youth. We are talking about Mr. D.M. Katiyar, a resident of Lucknow. Though he is not fascinated by any introduction today, the reputation he has earned till now is a result of his commitment and devotion towards his efforts. He belongs to the Kurmi caste. It is also important to note that Kurmi society has played a very important and vibrant role for the society and nation. Even the first Home Minister of India, Sardar Vallabh Bhai Patel also belonged to Kurmi sub caste, in whose honors, the Central Govt. installed 597 Feet statue on his 143th birth anniversary i.e. 31st October 2018. In a discussion on his life history, Mr. D.M. Katiyar told that he was born on 23rd June 1972 in Tehsil Bilhaur, village Pihani, district Kanpur, the village of his maternal grandfather. There he also received his preliminary education. Originally he belonged to village Khaspura, tehsil Bilhaur of district Kanpur. His father Chaudhari Swami Dayal Katiyar belonged to a reputed Zamindar family. His mother’s name is Chandramukhi Katiyar, a house wife as well as a renowned philanthropist.  She died in 2008, on the date of birth of his son,Mr. D.M. Katiyar.  Mr. Katiyar has three brothers.  His elder brother Mr. Yogendra Singh is posted as General Manager in Union Bank of India, other one Mr. Gyanendra Singh holds his own business, next is Mr. D.M. Katiyar himself, the youngest brother, Dr. Praveen Katiyar is a Professor in a government Para Medical College, Kanpur. 

Regarding the educational qualification, Mr. D.M. Katiyar explained that his elementary education was completed in his maternal grandparents’ home village (Pihani), then High School in 1986 from Nehru Inter College, Araul, Kanpur. He passed his Intermediate with first division in 1988 from BNSD Inter College, Kanpur, one of the largest Inter Colleges of Asia.  After that for higher education he joined Christ Church College, Kanpur and there he completed his B.Com. and M.Com. with first division.  Later in October 1994, for the preparation of competitive examinations he got shifted to Allahabad (Prayagraj) and after 4 years of struggle in 1998 he got selected in government service through Public Service Commission, Allahabad. On 30th March 1999 he joined Lucknow Development Authority as “Tax Superintendent/Property officer.  Then he got promoted in 2006 as “Deputy Secretary and in 2010 as “Joint Secretary” in Lucknow Development Authority itself.  In 2012 he got transferred to Saharanpur as Suburb Commissioner/Chief Tax Assessing Officer.  There he also served as City Project Officer in 2014. In LokSabha and Gram Panchayat elections in 2015, he successfully worked as an observer along with Mr. Arun Kumar Sinha (IAS). In 2016 from Saharanpur again he got transferred to Lucknow as Chief Tax Assessing Officer in Municipal Finance Development Board Lucknow. In 2017 he was transferred to Lucknow Development Authority as Joint Secretary, here he is working at present.

Regarding the question of social image and his admission to Kurmi Kshatriya Sabha, Mr.Katiyar clarified, “I am taking interest in social works since my student life”.  Further he told that during his hostel life in Kanpur he began to participate in All India Kurmi Kshatriya Mahasabha meetings and seminars. Along with his persuasion of higher education he led the foundation of Union of Kurmi students and during his preparation for competitive examinations he remained active in social activities. For competitive examinations, he chose history as his subject and because of which Mr. Katiyar got influenced with revolutionary thoughts of Mr. Gaya Prasad Katiyar and other great personalities. In April 1999, he entered the Kurmi Kshatriya Sabha, Lucknow and was appointed as ‘Deputy Speaker’ of the house in 2004 and unanimously appointed as ‘Speaker’ of the house in 2006.  Since then he is serving as ‘Chairman’ till now.  In the light of his active participation and involvement in Kurmi Kshatriya Sabha, Lucknow, he was appointed as ‘National Youth President’ in 2011 by All India Kurmi Kshatriya Mahasabha and holding the post of National Youth President, under his leadership he organized ‘National Youth Conference, Lucknow in 2016, National Youth Conference, Tanjore in 2017, General Conference, Bangalore in 2016, General Conference, Suratin 2018. Along with these he alsoled National Conference Jhalawad, Rajasthan in 2019 and National Conference, Shirdi, Maharashtra.  In these conferences he played a very active and dominating role. He also provided financial support for Shirdi, Lucknow and Tanjore conferences.  In the year 2020, All India Kurmi Kshatriya Mahasabha elevated him to the post of ‘National Vice President’ from ‘National Youth President’.

On the question of ‘Kurmi Bhawan’ Lucknow’ Mr. D.M. Katiyar informed that there exists a ‘Patel Clinic’ for free medical aid and a hostel for students coming from remote areas for study purpose. A library for study purpose is maintained there by his efforts.Government of India allowed exemption under section 12A and 80G of Income Tax Act for Kurmi Kshatriya Sabha, Lucknow.  Yoga camps at Kurmi Bhawan, medical camps at many places, economic packages and distribution of sports goods for schools for blindsare alsoorganized by Kurmi Bhawan as other social activities. In the year 2014,the Amar Shahid Raja Jailal Park was to be damaged for the construction of bicycle track and metro station but by Mr.Katiyar’s strong opposition, the demolition was stopped and the entire Park was secured. Besides this on every Shitalaashtmi,1st October on the birth anniversary of Amar Shahid Raja Jai Lalji and on 31stOctober, the birth anniversary of the 1st Home Minister Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel, under the auspicious of Kurmi Kshtaryia Sabha, Lucknow, various programs are organized every year in the presence of Honorable Chief Minister and other dignities. Apart from this, Sabha also keeps on organizing other social works such as establishment of statues of freedom fighters andhistory writing. Statue of freedom fighter Amar Shahid Raja Jai Lal Singh was established in a park, Lucknow. Another statue of freedom fighter Shri Rishi Lal Katiyar was established in village Halpura, Kanpuranda book on his life history was also published on 15th August, 2015. A statue of doctor Gaya Prasad Katiyar was unveiled at his village Khajuri Khurd, tehsil Bilhaur, district Kanpur. Kurmi Kshatriya Sabha, Lucknow advocated for the release of the postage stamp of revolutionary Dr. Gaya Prasad Katiyar by the government of India through MP Mrs. Anupriya Patel. Sabha also played vibrant role in releasing of the postage stamp of freedom fighter Amar Shahid Raja Jai Lal Singh with the help of cabinet minister Mr. Manpal Singh and NarendraVerma.

On asking about his family, Mr. Katiyar explained that his wife Nidhi Mohan Katiyar is posted as Joint Commissioner in Commercial tax department and also takes interest in public welfare and social works and operates other programs of General Assembly. Her poetry and articles have been published in many magazines. Mr.DM Katiyar is also blessed with two sons, Master Abhyudaya Katiyar(ram) and Master Arunodaya Katiyar(Krishna).

 In the last question, Mr. Katiyar was asked,“How do you remain so active in the society in spite of your government job”. He replied, “If the will power is firm and strong, nothing can stop you. I am giving my full support to eliminate the evils of the society and work for the welfare of Kurmi society. This job needsa strong will and not a huge crowd.  Kurmiancestors have done a lot for the nation andif the present society does not follow their footsteps, other roots of the society will demean theKurmis and will further lower their status.” He wishes to see the Kurmi Society at a glorious position.He is writing two books for the society and in these books, 2 legends have been described who have done great jobs for the society but have remained unknown. Books will be published very soon.

There is a need to clarify that Central Office of social works, Kurmi Kshatriya Bhawan is at Picnic spot road, Faridi Nagar, Lucknow. The implementation of all the social works and spreading social messages is operated from this ‘Bhawan’ only. ‘Kurmi Prabhat’ magazine and ‘TarunPunj’ are being published for youths which provide details of unmarried girls and boys for marriage purposes. Free of cost clinics are operated for the poor and the sick. Free medicines are also distributed. ‘Kurmi Kul Gaurav’ is an award for honoring talented people. By conducting various social welfare activities, Mr. Katiyar is continuously serving the society. 



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