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Don’t know them; Sidhu’s father had 2 daughters with 1st wife, says Sidhu’s wife



Navjot Kaur Sidhu, wife of Punjab Congress chief Navjot Sidhu on Friday said she doesn’t know Suman Toor who lobbed several serious allegations against Sidhu ahead of the Punjab Assembly Election 2022. “His father had two daughters with his first wife. I don’t know them,” Navjot Kaur Sidhu said.

Suman Toor held a press conference in Chandigarh on Friday and claimed to reveal shocking details of their family. Calling Sidhu a cruel person, Suman said she and their mother were driven out of their house, soon after their father passed away in 1986. Sidhu’s sister claimed their mother died in 1989 at Delhi railway station like a destitute as Sidhu severed all ties with both his mother and sister to grab his father’s property alone. Suman Toor also mentioned that they are siblings from the same mother, Nirmal Bhagwant.

Suman alleged that after the death of their father in 1986, Sidhu harassed their mother and elder sister and drove them out of the house. There have been many legal cases over Sidhu claiming in media that his parents were separated when he was a child. Calling Sidhu a habitual liar, Suman Toor said she came to know of this ordeal from her niece, the daughter of the elder sister who was driven out from the house along with the mother. Her elder sister has also passed away, Suman said.

Cricketer Balwant Sidhu was Sidhu’s father. In old interviews, Sidhu claimed that he was very close to his father. His parents got separated when he was two, he had claimedDon't know them; Sidhu's father had 2 daughters with 1st wife, says Sidhu's wife



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