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Matthew Perry’s death conspiracy theory shocks fans awaiting a closure, ‘baneberries theory’ studies his cryptic posts

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Despite investigation agencies ruling out any foul play, the autopsy report has failed to give the reason for his death and the initial toxicology report only leaving more questions unanswered several fans have weighed in on the TV personality’s death with ‘Baneberries’ theories.

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The conspiracy buffs are deep diving and nitpicking every clue they can find. The reason behind the trigger was one of the videos shared by Matthew days before his death. He placed three berry shaped fruit on the table with a caption, ‘This is what I’ve had to eat today. I’m Mattman.’ In several Instagram posts he playfully compared himself to the fictional DC hero Batman.

The actor’s amalgamation of his first name and Batman seemed innocent until a conspiracy theorist claimed otherwise in a shocking X post.

According to the individual, the berries in “The Kennedys: After Camelot” star’s video were not cranberries but baneberries. Baneberries are a type of poisonous berry that can be fatal when consumed. The fan hinted that Perry had been crying for help with his DC-related post.

Bane, the villain, who beats Batman! ‘BAT>>> signal for death. Those aren’t cranberries. They are baneberries and deadly toxic. If he ate those, then that’s why he had a cardiac arrest; they are untraceable through autopsy.”

An X user posted a screenshot from a video shared by Perry himself, paired alongside the ominous answer to the question, “Can humans munch on baneberries?” The answer is chilling, stating that these little death berries could halt a human heart in a flash if gobbled down in a greedy handful.

Many are in a frenzy, convinced that Perry was flashing a virtual Bat-Signal, desperate for a lifeline. There’s a darker take floating around too; did Perry have a premonition of the grim reaper knocking at his door and left a breadcrumb trail of eerie hints for his mates and admirers?

Some wonder why did he send his secretary away. The baneberry theory, has gone viral on TikTok with a gripping caption, “What were they really?? cranberries, grapes, or BANEBERRIES.” The clip claimed the deadly dance one does with death upon devouring these lethal berries, listing a horror show of symptoms like torching throat burns, gut-wrenching cramps, and mind-bending hallucinations.

Another post dug up other eerie cries for help from Perry’s social media graveyard. Users claim Matthew seemingly beckoned with Batman’s iconic Bat-Signal, striking a nerve with the online crowd. With someone commenting on the post- “River left us far too soon, u don’t have to, people may not ‘be surprised,’ but they will be heartbroken.”

Matthew Perry's death conspiracy theory shocks fans awaiting a closure, ‘baneberries theory’ studies his cryptic posts


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