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‘I’ve never made a dosa’: After her nomination, Kamala Harris’ old video resurfaces

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US Senator Kamala Harris has been chosen as the running mate by presumptive Democratic nominee for president Joe Biden. This gave the South Asian community in the United States a reason to cheer.

Harris came to the US as an immigrant from Tamil Nadu in India.

Since her nomination, a lot is being said about Harris and her Indian roots. Now, an old video has resurfaced in which the senator is seen making dosa with actor Mindy Kaling, who also has Indian roots.

The dosa-making was done at Kaling’s home in Los Angeles where the two women also bonded over their shared South Indian roots. It was posted on social media channels of Harris.

As the video begins, Kaling starts off by talking about Indian spices kept in small jars which she said has been done by her father. Harris says she is reminded of her own home by seeing this and the dishes her mother used to make.

Kaling talks about the long process to make dosa batter and introduces a readymade stuff available in the US market. Harris then makes a confession.

“I have never made a dosa,” she says in the video.

They also talk about the immigration stories of their respective parents.

Harris made history on Tuesday as the first Indian-American and Black woman to run for vice-president. She has credited her Indian-born mother for inspiring her into a life in public service that led her to this historic moment.

She appeared for the first time with Biden after he named her his running mate. “Don’t just sit around and complain about things,” Harris, 55, said her mother, Shyamala Gopalan, would tell her and younger sister Maya Harris when they were growing up. “Do something.”

Gopalan, who came to the United States from Chennai and was a breast cancer researcher, passed away in 2009. But she has remained the most enduring influence in Harris’s life, the US senator wrote ahead of her failed White House bid in 2019.‘I’ve never made a dosa’: After her nomination, Kamala Harris’ old video resurfaces


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