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Bipasha Basu on taking a break after marrying Karan Singh Grover: ‘You have to be there for the people you love’

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has finally made a comeback to acting after a five-year break, though she didn’t realise the duration of it. The actor claims she rightfully deserved this break, which allowed her to connect with her husband Karan Singh Grover, her parents and her sisters. The Raaz actor has now made her digital debut alongside Karan with their new web show, titled Dangerous. Produced by singer Mika and written by Vikram Bhatt, the suspense thriller brings them together on screen after their 2015 film, Alone.

In a candid conversation with Hindustan Times, the couple opened up about their first project together after marriage and spilled the beans about their real-life love story. They also talked about a decision which turned out to be in their favour ahead of lockdown. Excerpts:

What brings you together on screen after 5 years?

Bipasha:Dangerous was worth it for us to come together. As individual actors, we both liked our parts and the content which the show has to provide. That’s a wise decision for an actor when you like it and then you know your husband is playing your co-star; it’s a bonus. It was fascinating because it was the role of a Scotland Yard detective. I have been a big fan of all detective series. I see all the international shows where they have great, female protagonists.

Karan: She is actually a detective in every show we watch together because she is always trying to solve everything. She wants to solve everything before the last episode.Bipasha: It doesn’t feel like I have been away for five years because for me time has really flown. This time was very necessary for my personal growth because I have been working from the age of 15 as a model, and then as an actor from the age of 19. I have been working all through my life. This break was very well deserved as I needed to build a foundation with my husband, spend a lot more time with my parents and my sisters. I gave a lot of time to myself as life is very unpredictable. You can’t be always driven by chaos of it and live by a regime. Yes, there is a part of you that you definitely want to create, you satisfy yourself as an actor but besides that – what are your goals for life! You have to be there for the people you love. Now onwards, I will now keep a delicate balance of both of it. I have really enjoyed my family life till now. I guess, now I am ready. This project came at a time when I was getting ready to act again.Karan: Just waking up before sunrise and watching the sunset, that’s enough motivation for me. The world is in a process of rebirth. The motivation is to try to be our better selves. How do you make yourself better? By working on yourself.

Bipasha: The most romantic thing was that I recorded the proposal without even knowing that he was going to propose. It was the New Year’s eve in Koh Samui. I love fireworks, so I was shooting the fireworks and shooting ourselves. Suddenly, he started saying something amid loud noise and then suddenly a ring popped into the frame while I was shooting and then my phone fell.

It was quite shocking for me because I was not prepared for it. I was tongue tied, crying and rambling some stupid stuff. He was sitting on his knees. It was really sweetly planned and even the effort he put in making the ring was really sweet. I love my ring. He worked with the stylist and the designer; it’s not something that he picked.Bipasha Basu on taking a break after marrying Karan Singh Grover: ‘You have to be there for the people you love’


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