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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare III, Warzone Season 3 battle pass, weapons, maps and more

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Gather around, Call of Duty fans! Season 3 is finally here with brand-new maps, weapons, battle pass, and character skins. This time, CoD is paying homage to stoners with unlockable operator skin for Snoop Dogg included in the season’s battle pass. Season 3 goodies also feature the comeback of Rebirth Island, accompanied by exclusive modes and contracts. Here’s all you need to know about what’s new this season in Modern Warfare III and Warzone:

Season 3 Battle Pass

The Battle Pass for MWIII and Warzone Season 3 are priced at $9.99. Upon purchase, players will be able to upgrade it to BlackCell, which costs $29.99.

Basic Battle Pass includes:

  1. Three base weapons – FJX Horus, MORS, and Gladiator.
  2. Two new operators – Banshee and Hush
  3. Operator skins for – Makarov, Snoop Dogg, Banshee, Hush, Swagger, Ripper, Doc, Riptide, Corso, and Byline

BlackCell Battle Pass includes, in addition to the above-mentioned:

  1. 1100 CoD Points
  2. 20 Battle Token Tier skips
  3. Stasis BlackCell operator
  4. Aggressive Action frag grenade blueprint
  5. Finishing move- Double Barrel Disrespect
  6. All that Glitters BlackCell animated blueprint for the BAS-B
  7. 12 operator Skins for Stasis
  8. Seven animated weapon blueprints
  9. One animated blueprint for lethal equipment



There are six core 6v6 maps in total, three of which are new, one remastered, and two repurposed maps.

  1. 6 Star – New, medium-Sized
  2. Emergency – New, small-sized
  3. Grime – New, small to medium-Sized
  4. Growhouse – Remastered, small-sized
  5. Tanked – Repurposed (Vondel Zoo), medium-sized
  6. Checkpoint – Repurposed (Stronghold from Rebirth Island), small-sized


Rebirth Island is making a comeback in Season 3 with Points of Interest- Stronghold, Living Quarters, Factory, Headquarters, Control Center, Harbor, Prison, Dock, Industry, Chemical Engineering, and Bioweapons.



  1. Capture the Flag
  2. One in the Chamber
  3. Minefield (new)
  4. Escort (new)


  1. Call of Duty: Warzone Bootcamp (new)
  2. Rebirth Resurgence (new)
  3. Rebirth Resurgence Loaded (new)
  4. Rebirth Lockdown (new)


Four new weapons are coming in Season 3 across MWIII and Warzone.

  1. FJX Horus – SMG
  2. MORS – Sniper Rifle
  3. Gladiator – Melee
  4. BAL-27 – Assault RifleCall of Duty: Modern Warfare III, Warzone Season 3 battle pass, weapons, maps and more


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