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Barack Obama snaps at pro-Palestine protester during Joe Biden’s fundraising event, ‘you can’t just talk…’

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Former President Barack Obama had a tense moment with a pro-Palestinian protester during a fundraising event at New York’s Radio City Music Hall on Thursday night. Known for his typically calm and composed demeanor in public speaking, Obama became visibly frustrated when his speech was repeatedly interrupted by audience members.Obama was attending a fundraising event for President Joe Biden‘s reelection campaign at Radio City Music Hall on Thursday night along with Bill Clinton. The New York gathering raised over $25 million, marking it as the most successful political fundraiser in American history.During an armchair conversation moderated by Stephen Colbert, the trio was frequently interrupted by protesters inside the auditorium. At various points during the event, attendees shouted over the discussion, voicing opposition to Biden’s support for Israel amid the Hamas conflict that has resulted in the deaths of over 30,000 Palestinians in Gaza.

Discussing the challenges of the presidency, Obama remarked, “The world has its share of joy and beauty, but it also has tragedy and cruelty.” He addressed Biden’s approach to the Gaza conflict, stating, “We can unequivocally support the people of Israel and their right to live and raise families, which has been Joe’s position. Yet, we can also be heartbroken watching innocent lives lost and aim to manage the situation to enable both sides to live in peace. It’s a complex task.”

That’s when Obama was interrupted by a protester in the theater, to whom he responded, “You can’t just talk and not listen… That’s what the other side does.” He continued, “We can have moral clarity and deeply held beliefs while acknowledging the complexities of the world and the challenges of solving these problems.”

He further praised Biden, saying, “The reason I believe Joe Biden was one of the best vice presidents we’ve ever had and is an outstanding president is because he possesses moral conviction and clarity. He acknowledges that the world is complex and is willing to listen to all sides to find common ground. That’s the kind of president I want.”Biden has been under fire by pro-Palestine protesters for purportedly allowing Israel to indulge in Gaza genocide and not doing much to help the Palestinians during the humanitarian crisis. After months long delay his administration has urged Israel to refrain from launching a major offensive on Rafah until civilians have had a chance to evacuate. Both Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris have called for a temporary ceasefire during the holy month of Ramadan, but negotiations between Israel and Hamas have yet to produce an agreement.Barack Obama snaps at pro-Palestine protester during Joe Biden's fundraising event, ‘you can’t just talk…’


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