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When Nitara thought mom Twinkle Khanna looked 60 in her 40s: ‘Not much has changed’

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Author, former actor Twinkle Khanna took to her Instagram handle and posted an assignment of her daughter Nitara Bhatia. She revealed that Nitara once thought she ‘looked’ like a 60-year-old when she was in her 40s. It happened so when Nitara wrote ‘all about my mom’ at her school.

Nitara‘s essay about Twinkle read, “My mom is 60 years old. She has brown eyes and brown hair. Her job is to work on computer all day. She loves to eat spaghetti. She loves to drink lemon water. She is really good at making coffee and yoga. She always says I love you Nainu. She is happy when I read well in class. She is super because she managed the house and packs my tiffin.”

Sharing Nitara’s work, Twinkle called it the strangest thing Nitara has ever said. She said, “A throwback to when I was 44, but according to my child I clearly looked 60. Not much has changed since then-I still work on the computer all day and yes, I am good at making coffee! What’s the strangest thing your kid has said about you?” Reacting to the post, several moms shared their anecdotes from similar situations in the comment section.

Twinkle is married to actor Akshay Kumar. They have a son, Aarav Bhatiya, 20, and, Nitara, 10. Twinkle is currently pursuing Masters in Fiction Writing at the prestigious Goldsmiths, University of London. She is an actor-turned-writer, who also produced films. She also launched her own website, Tweak India where she addresses several topics.

Talking about ageing, last month Twinkle said that one must consider the wrinkles as a ‘general’s medals’, pinned to the skin as they remind one of the battles a person has survived and won. She wrote in a post, “Age is a mathematical problem. There are numbers that need to be tackled. It is not a division sum though, where we are reduced to a fraction of what we once were. It is a multiplier. At 40, you are still the pigtailed girl who once climbed trees and beat up all the boys. The young woman with a disdain for convention. The new mother with leaky breasts and fierce ambition.”

“As you go along, you carry every version of you inside. You don’t have one heartbreak, one breakdown, one true love, one success; you have a mountain of them. And those wrinkly-crinkly lines? How about we consider them the equivalent of a general’s medals, pinned to our skin, a reminder of all the battles we have survived, and the ones we have won. Agree? Disagree?”When Nitara thought mom Twinkle Khanna looked 60 in her 40s: 'Not much has changed'


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