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When Mumtaz said Rajesh Khanna missed her after she got married and moved to US: ‘Kaka was too proud a man to say it’

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Late actor Rajesh Khanna and Mumtaz appeared together in several hit films. The duo starred in 10 films together and shared a close bond. In an old interview, Mumtaz talked about how Rajesh teared up after she got married but was “too proud a man” to admit it to her. Also Read: When Mumtaz recalled how Rajesh Khanna would say ‘aye moti, chal aaja’ before carrying her through snow in Roti

Mumtaz and Rajesh worked together in films such as Do Raaste, Aap Ki Kasam, Dushmun, Sachaa Jhutha amongst others. Their on-screen pairing and off-screen camaraderie was well-known in Bollywood circles. Mumtaz left the film industry and moved to US after her wedding to Mayur Madhavani in 1974.

In an old interview with Pinkvilla, Mumtaz said, “Kaka was too proud a man to say it on my face. But people close to him told me that when I got married and left India, Kaka said, ‘I have lost my right hand!” Apparently, he missed me a lot because we clicked so well and made such a great pair’.”

Mumtaz is a breast cancer survivor and the two bonded in his later years over their respective illnesses. She had told PTI in an old interview, “He told me that I am a strong person, and that he knew what I had gone through, the chemotherapy sessions. He said he did not feel hungry, and we joked that when lots of food was ordered for him, it was later enjoyed by all, except him.”

Rajesh Khanna, fondly known as Kaka, died on July 18, 2012. He was married to Dimple Kapadia and they have two daughters, Twinkle Khanna and Rinke Khanna. Although Rajesh and Dimple separated in 1984, they never legally separated.

He worked in numerous movies such as Aradhana, Ittefaq, Do Raaste, Safar, Kati Patang, Sachaa Jhutha, Anand and Haathi Mere Saathi. He was regarded as the most successful star in Bollywood from the late-60s to early-70s, and is among the few Hindi film acWhen Mumtaz said Rajesh Khanna missed her after she got married and moved to US: 'Kaka was too proud a man to say it'


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