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When Kajol declared that she can’t ‘look poor’ in films: ‘I just look rich, even if I’m wearing a ghagra-choli’

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Actor Kajol was last seen in the film Tribhanga, which released on Netflix earlier this year. During her sabbatical in 2014, she was asked if she wanted to make a comeback with an unusual film.

In an appearance on Koffee with Karan, host Karan Johar asked Kajol if she was being ‘extra choosy’ about deciding on her ‘comeback’ film. He noted that the rare criticism that has been directed at her has been about her not being ‘very experimental’ with roles.

Agreeing that she does roles that are in her comfort zone, she said, “I decided very early on that I just look rich. I don’t look poor. Whatever I do, at the end of the day, even if I’m wearing a ghagra-choli (which I was wearing in Hulchul), I looked at myself and said, ‘I don’t look poor’.”

Karan said, “Kajol, I think you’re quite wrong. You have a self-elevation opinion of yourself, because I want to tell you, you have looked quite poor in a few films.” Kajol eventually returned to the big screen with Dilwale, opposite Shah Rukh Khan.

The actor spoke about her career in an interview with Hindustan Times earlier this year. She said, “I am lucky and I believe that it has to do with how much you love yourself and how much you believe in yourself. I think it has to do with how honest you are to your work. I don’t think that it would work if I kept living on my laurels all the time. I never did. I just had to keep working, keep going ahead and keep thinking about what lies in the future rather than living in the past.”

When Kajol declared that she can't 'look poor' in films: 'I just look rich, even if I'm wearing a ghagra-choli'


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