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Virginia’s Annual Youth Gurmant Camp completes

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Virginia, July 14 (Raj Gogna ) – With the grace of Satguru, Sikh Foundation of Virginia’s Annual Youth Gurmat Camp completed on July 11, 2020; it had started from July 6, 2020. This year the camp was run by daily virtual sessions for different age groups. This year more than 60 kids between the age of 6 and 20 participated in the camp. During this camp all the discussions and activities were focused on the terms Sangat, SatSangat, SadhSangat, and KuSangat. In the light of Gurbani, an effort was made to explain the listed concepts. A virtual evening Diwan was also organized every day. Kids participated in the Diwan with Rehras Sahib Paath, Keertan, Ardass, and Hukamnama Seva. Along with the regular Gurmat School counselors, Rubin Pal Singh (Khalsa School, G.N.F.A, Maryland), Veronica Sidhu (Khalsa School, Bridgewater, New Jersey), Jagjeevan Kaur (Journalist, New York), Amritpal Kaur (Director, Khalsa Aid USA), Gurpreet Singh Brar (Activist, Sterling, Virginia), and Bhai Apardeep Singh Ji (Gurmat Parcharak, Dallas, Texas) participated as guest speakers. What seemed almost impossible to hold a camp this year due to COVID-19, with Satguru’s grace it worked out very successfully like every year.Virginia’s Annual Youth Gurmant Camp completes


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