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Viral videos: How Titan submersible implosion would have looked like

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After the US coast guard on Thursday confirmed that the Titanic-bound submersible, with five people on board, imploded near the ship’s wreckage, animated videos depicting how the accident would have possibly occurred in the deep sea went viral.

Implosion imagined through videos

An animated video showed a vessel imploding underwater as its frame disintegrated before resting on the ocean floor.

Another animated video showed Titan’s collapse and claimed that it would have just taken 30 milliseconds for the vessel’s implosion. The graphic clip explained that upon the instant collapse of the pressure, the submarine’s hull would heat the air inside the vessel to the same temperature as that of the sun. As a result, the wall of the metal and seawater would smash one end of the sub to another.

Several other videos also showed how metal vessels filled with a vacuum would be destroyed upon implosion.

All focus now on details of the implosion

As tributes poured in from around the world for the people killed in the accident, the authorities turned their focus to determining why the submersible underwent implosion.

The investigation into what happened was already underway and would continue in the area around Titanic where debris from the submersible was found, said rear Admiral John Mauger, of the First Coast Guard District, reported AP.

Viral videos: How Titan submersible implosion would have looked like


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