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Vidya Balan says she’s working with a healer to become more self-accepting: ‘Acceptance of self gives me purpose’

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Vidya Balan has opened up about seeking help from a healer in her journey of self-acceptance. The actor, who stars as the lead of Amazon Prime Video’s recent release Sherni, has spoken about being criticised for her fashion statements in the past.

The actor had also spoken about being body-shamed. Vidya Balan has now revealed that she has been working with a healer to help block the negative comments and accept her body.

Speaking with Bollywood Bubble, Vidya recalled the time she couldn’t step out of her house owing to the constant judgement. “I remember at one particular point, I would be so scared to step out for appearance because I thought I would be judged. And those days used to be very nasty. I don’t know if it’s still nasty because I don’t read anything anymore but I remember I used to be so nervous, that the nervousness itself would not bring out the best in me. Doesn’t matter what I was wearing.””After a while, I reached the stage where I said I am not going to be able to be perfect. Sometimes I would do the “fashion perfect” thing like the stylist would give me something and say I am looking absolutely bang on. And still, people would say there’s something wrong. I realised it’s difficult to satisfy everyone or get everyone to like you. As long as you like yourself nothing else matters. So I started actually working on being myself. Accepting myself. I have been working with a healer for many years now. And that has really helped. Because acceptance of self gives me purpose in life,” she added.Vidya recently also opened up about facing sexism. Speaking with Hindustan Times, the actor said that she faces sexism even today. “I think misogyny is so intrinsic to the patriarchal mindset, in which we are all steeped, that it is difficult to get rid of it easily. I face it even today, sometimes. It annoys me, but of course, it is much less now than before. All around me, I see people facing sexism. Not everyone is even aware that they are saying something wrong, most of the time,” she said.Vidya Balan says she's working with a healer to become more self-accepting: 'Acceptance of self gives me purpose'


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