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‘Unbelievable’: Family blasted after video shows them secretly wiping out bowl of Halloween candies outside a house

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A family is being blasted on social media after they were caught on camera taking away all the Halloween candies from a bowl in front of a country musician’s Texas home. The musician, Cody Tate, is part of the popular country band Whiskey Myers. He posted the security footage on Instagram, showing the mother and the other family members wiping out the entire bowl.

The video shows three adults, followed by a few children, approaching the house and picking up all the candies from a huge black basket, one-by-one. One of the women appears to smile at the camera while stuffing candies into her coat pockets. Before leaving, the group makes sure no candy is left in the bowl.

And this is why you can’t trust people. If you know who it is share. I figured it would happen but not adults. Now all the kids after these people can’t have any candy,” Tate captioned the video, while many called out the family’s behaviour in the comment section.

And those kids are going to grow up to be just like those adults, or worse. Sad,” one user commented. Another wrote, “This is why democratic social programs don’t work…” “I was born in a Third World country, and this is literally Third World behaviour. Every man for himself, and the public can’t have nice things,” one user wrote, while another said, “grown a** women acting like they’ve never seen candy before. BIG YIKES. Also, how do you not assume everyone has cameras these days and you won’t be blasted for acting like this? Oof”.

“Literally came over the border, stole the candy, stepped right back through the fence… the entire damn family,” one user wrote, while another said, “It doesn’t matter who they are, where they came or what their nationality. What matters is the horrible example they are teaching their children of greed and selfishness. To me its a wake up call to teach by example. Kindness, compassion and politeness needs be taught more than ever in todays world! Let’s all do a little better.” One user said, “Unbelievable. No care for the children who will come after them and find it empty,” while another wrote, “I wonder how many other houses they did this too….pathetic, can’t have nothin nice nowadays”.‘Unbelievable’: Family blasted after video shows them secretly wiping out bowl of Halloween candies outside a house


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