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Two ‘non-human alien corpses’ unveiled in Mexico’s Congress: Report

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Mexico’s Congress saw an official event where two “alien corpses” were unveiled in Mexico City. The official “unveiling” of the two alleged “alien corpses” was carried out by ufologist Jaime Maussan.

The two small “corpses” were displayed for all observers. Organisers claimed that the small mummified specimen were a thousand years old and had been “retrieved” from Cusco, Peru.

Maussan told members of the Mexican government that “UFO specimen” were studied at the Autonomous National University of Mexico, where scientists, he stated were able to draw DNA evidence using radiocarbon dating.

He was quoted saying by “These specimen are not part of our terrestrial evolution… These aren’t beings that were found after a UFO wreckage. They were found in diatom (algae) mines, and were later fossilized.”

Maussan also said that they were able to draw DNA evidence using radiocarbon dating and “30% of the specimens’ DNA was unknown”. Experts, also testified under oath that one of the bodies had “eggs inside” and also had implants made of rare metals like Osmium.

The Nazca Mummy UFO Theory was also debunked by several other researchers. In fact, according to a report in, the hands and feet seen on the mummy could’ve been manipulated by forgers, with white coating added afterwards to hide the manipulations.

In fact, a dozen Peruvian mummy researchers wrote a letter condemning the practice, saying it has “violated numerous national and international norms”.

Two ‘non-human alien corpses’ unveiled in Mexico’s Congress: Report


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