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Twinkle Khanna recalls telling Akshay Kumar ‘I would never marry someone like you’ on 5th date, here’s how he responded



Former actor and author, Twinkle Khanna penned down a note of appreciation for husband Akshay Kumar on their 22nd wedding anniversary. She posted a glimpse of a card picked by Akshay for her and recalled how she once told him that she would never marry him. It was Akshay’s response to her which actually won her heart on their 5th date

Twinkle shared a small video clip in which Twinkle and Akshay are seen holding hands and walking in the dark. It seems to be an outdoor area, which was decorated with blue fairy lights. A glimpse of Akshay’s handwritten card was also included in the video.

In the card, Akshay Kumar wrote, “Did we end up doing well?” He said that their relationship has been a success owing to his patience and further called Twinkle ‘queen.’ The card featured a cartoon which was named Tina, Twinkle’s nickname.

Sharing the video, Twinkle captioned it, “Only he could have found the perfect card! On our fifth date, I told him, ‘I would never marry someone like you.’ He instantly replied,’ I don’t remember asking you.’ I was so impressed with that line.”

“It’s been over two decades and we have built a life that encompasses two children, our extended families, work, friends, dogs, independence and stability.’ As for what he has written in the card: I don’t know if I have the wisdom of a queen but the man does have the patience of a saint and most importantly, a heart of gold. You don’t have to be alike to make it work, you just have to like each other enough. #bestfriends #behindthescenes,” she further added.

A few minutes after Twinkle posted the video, she deleted it. Later, she shared photographs of the same card gifted by Akshay alongside a photo of them. In the caption, she ditched lines about their 5th date.

Almost an hour ago, Akshay posted a happy candid picture of himself with Twinkle from a festival. In the photo, the couple in traditional wear is seen sharing a laugh. Akshay posted it and wrote on Instagram, “Two imperfect people who have perfectly been stuck together since twenty-two years! Happy anniversary Tina,” with a kiss emoji.

Akshay and Twinkle worked in two films together, Zulmi and International Khiladi in 1999, before she left acting for good. She debuted as a writer and later produced films as well. She also launched her own website, Tweak India and is currently perusing a course in fiction writing in London. She and Akshay are blessed with a son, Aarav Bhatia and daughter, Nitara.Twinkle Khanna recalls telling Akshay Kumar 'I would never marry someone like you' on 5th date, here's how he responded



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