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Trump to make his first post-presidential speech at CPAC 2021. When and how to watch

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Former US president Donald Trump will speak at the most prominent conservative conference on Sunday, in what will be his first post-presidential speech. Several media reports suggest that Trump has remained a dominant force at the annual Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) when the Republican Party is divided over the former president’s future role in the GOP.

The conservative lawmakers, activists, and GOP officials have been converging in Orlando, Florida, to attend the annual meeting which is touted as the largest gathering of grassroots conservatives. Texas senator Ted Cruz, who left for Mexico during an extreme weather situation and returned after severe criticism, said at the conference, “Donald J. Trump ain’t going anywhere.”On Friday, a video segment under the title “YOUR VOTES CANCELLED” was played at the 2021 CPAC, suggesting that there was widespread voter fraud in the November elections, a baseless claim repeatedly made by Trump. One of the conservative speakers even tried to transfer the blame for Capitol riots on Antifa and Black Lives Matter protesters.

“A lot of people there — Antifa was there, BLM was there, MAGA people were there, everybody was there. And if Joe Biden wants to talk unity, there was unity there on that day, because America is sick and tired of being pushed down,” said conservative radio host Wayne Dupree at the conference.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) has already dismissed the claims that Antifa members were present at the Capitol on January 6 disguising themselves as Trump supporters.

Trump will be the keynote speaker at the 2021 CPAC and will address the conservatives on Sunday afternoon. He is expected to take the stage at around 3:40pm EST (2.10am IST, Monday) and give a public speech for the first time after leaving the office on January 20. The speech will be live-streamed on the CPAC 2021 website under the “Watch Live” tab, and some US media networks such as Fox News and CNN are expected to broadcast it.


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