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Tamil actor Yashika Aanand shares glimpse of her post surgery stitches after road accident

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Actor Yashika Aanand on Monday took to Instagram to share a glimpse of her stitches that she got due to the road accident she was involved in a couple of months ago. She shared the video with the song, Scars to Your Beautiful by Alessia Cara.

On June 25, Yashika met with an accident on East Coast Road, Mahabalipuram in Chennai. She was travelling with her friends when their vehicle rammed into a median and fell into a nearby pit. One of Yashika’s friends, Vallichetti Pavani died on the spot.

Yashika shared a glimpse of her stitches via a story on her Instagram page.

Yashika Aanand showed her stitches.

In a recent interview to The Hindu, Yashika spoke at length about how the accident took place and how she lost her friend.

“The road was really dark, and I unfortunately hit the divider. Our car drifted sharply and then toppled over three times. Pavani was in the co-passenger’s seat, but she hadn’t put her seatbelt on and the window was open as she was getting some air. So when the crash happened, she was flung out of the open window and fell outside, hitting her head. The rest of us were inside the car, but the doors were jammed and we had to break open the sunroof to escape.”

Yashika, who was driving the car, clarified that she wasn’t drunk or intoxicated.

The actor, who was recently discharged from the hospital, added that she can’t walk for approximately six months because of her multiple fractures.Tamil actor Yashika Aanand shares glimpse of her post surgery stitches after road accident


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