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Suchitra Krishnamoorti: The second wave was inevitable but the attention of the authorities slipped too

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On April 19, singer-actor Suchitra Krishnamoorthi tweeted about vaccine shortage in Mumbai. She wrote, “To those that say #vaccine shortage is a rumour it is not. I have experienced it myself today”, in another post, she wrote, “Is there a genuine vaccine shortage in #mumbai? #maharshtra? Or it is some vile poltics bet state & centre thats causing this scarcity? Either way its sad – ultimately its the common people that suffer #COVID19”. Finally, she did manage to get one dose after visiting four hospitals.

Talking about her concerns and experience she shares, “The shortage is a real issue in Mumbai. I don’t know about the rest of India. People at the place I got it said they don’t know if the stocks would last post lunch. One wonders and doubts if it is really a shortage or is the public suffering due to politics. How can we run out of vaccine when all of us have to get it? There must have been terrible mismanagement to run out. I hope it gets sorted soon.” She is glad to know that from May 1, everyone above the age of 18 will be eligible for the vaccine.

She admits that she was scheduled to get vaccinated, as she is supposed to travel soon, and didn’t want to postpone her plan. There are a number of walk-in centers in her area and Krishnamoorthi has got her personal and building staff and their friends vaccinated in the recent past.Concerned about the current Covid-19 scenario, she shares, “The second wave was inevitable but the attention of the authorities slipped, which also led to this crisis. They were behaving as if the pandemic was over. These rising numbers are a slap on everyone’s faces. There are so many gatherings and putting religion over people’s lives is putting the whole country at risk. But, it is easy to talk sitting in the comfort of one’s home. We all have to work together and fight this.”


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