Singer Sona Mohapatra said that late actor Sushant Singh Rajput must get justice but condemned the media coverage of the case and actor Rhea Chakraborty. Sona said that it was not right to ‘(broadcast) bikini pictures’ of Rhea and call her all kinds of nasty names.

In a tweet, Sona wrote, “The death is very tragic & justice must be sought & served. Also, the circumstances do not seem above board. No one is questioning that. Broadcasting bikini pictures of Rhea or calling her ‘Vish-Kanya’ & other derogatory names is the correct manner to go about it? Enough said.”

The singer was responding to a fan who tweeted to her, “For someone who fought tooth and nail against sex offenders (and I respected you for it) you could have understood that a murder being staged as depression and suicide is a very disturbing thing to do to someone. #DishaSSRMurderMystery.”

Sushant was found dead at his apartment in Mumbai on June 14. His family has filed an abetment to suicide case against Rhea and accused her of misappropriating crores of rupees from his bank account. She has denied the allegations.

Last month, Sushant’s father KK Singh accused Rhea of poisoning the late actor. “Rhea Chakraborty was giving poison to my son, Sushant, for a long time. She is his murderer. The investigating agency must arrest her and her associates,” he said in Hindi, in a self-made video.

Recently, in an interview with Aaj Tak, Rhea said that the media trial was taking a huge toll on her and her family. “It is a witch hunt. Koi mujhe vish-kanya kehta hai, kisine kaha main black magic karti hoon. Kyun (Someone calls me a venomous girl, someone said I do black magic. Why)? Just because I had a partner who suffered from mental illness and took him to the doctor and got professional help?,” she asked.