Tuesday, December 5, 2023

Shilpa Shetty’s Monday Motivation video mixes cardio and bhangra to burn calories

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Actor Shilpa Shetty Kundra just discovered a fun way to work out at the gym, and it includes bhangra and loads of cardio. Are you confused? Well, her latest video will clear all the doubts.

Shilpa took to Instagram recently to post a Monday Motivation video of herself doing cardio at the gym. The video begins with her husband Raj Kundra announcing, “Bhangra pavan (Let’s do bhangra)”. Then, the actor did side-to-side shuffle on a 6-inch platform. She jumped from one side to the other while doing bhangra steps with her hands. Thus, proving that cardio is not at all boring.

According to Shilpa, the workout is an excellent ‘lower-body-focused high-intensity Interval Training Drill’. Doing the routine will strengthen the heart and lungs and burn more calories too. As for the bhangra steps she did, the actor said its purpose was to add fun to the rigorous routine and burn more calories.

Posting the video on the photo-sharing app, Shilpa wrote, “A different kind of #MondayMotivation today: 6’’ Platform Side-To-Side Shuffle. Cardio Is Not Boring You Need To Be Exploring. An extreme lower-body-focused high-intensity Interval Training Drill, which conditions the heart and lungs as well. Burn more calories in less time. Making it fun by adding Bhangra Arms; and yes, adding arms will burn more calories.”

She also suggested ways to do the exercise. “Try performing 3 to 4 rounds of 1 minute each. Rest for 1 minute after every round. Increasing the platform height will increase the intensity. If you are a beginner, start with 30 seconds per round on a 4’’ or 6’’ platform. Happy Cardioing, The SSK Way,” she wrote.


Some more benefits of a side shuffle are that it is a dynamic warm-up routine to raise your heart rate, warm up the body and improve your flexibility. It can also help strengthen your hip flexors and all major muscles in the thighs and legs.Shilpa Shetty's Monday Motivation video mixes cardio and bhangra to burn calories


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