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Released Israeli hostage reveals why she shook hands with a Hamas gunman, ‘because they…’

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The 85-year-old Israeli woman who was taken by Hamas as a hostage on October 7, was released by the terrorist group on Monday, October 23. “I’ve been through hell, we didn’t think or know we would get to this situation,” Yocheved Lifshitz, who was seated in a wheelchair, told the reporters, as per CNN. The elderly woman recalled the time she was being held by Hamas and said that they treated her and the other hostages “gently.” She also revealed that a doctor visited her to ensure she received all the medicines she needed during her time in captivity. The footage of her being released was shared on social media, in which, she can be seen shaking hands with a Hamas militant.

They seemed really prepared for it. They had concealed it for a long time, and they took care of all the needs that people need, [such as] shampoo and conditioner,” Lifshitz revealed, adding, “They gave us pitta bread, hard cheese, some low-fat cream cheese and cucumber and that was our food for the entire day.” However, she was devastated and completely shaken by the situation. Talking about her kidnapping, she said, “I was kidnapped on a motorbike on my side while they were driving toward Gaza.” “They didn’t break my ribs but it was painful and I had difficulty breathing,” she added.

Lifshitz was taken through “ploughed fields” while she was being kidnapped and hit by Hamas terrorists with sticks. She also revealed that she had to walk a “few kilometres,” with a militant in front of her while another walked behind her until they reached the tunnels. Upon her release, her daughter Sharone Lifshitz flew to Tel Aviv to be by her mother’s side and narrated the mix of torment and humane treatment she endured during the violent kidnappings.Sharone, who lives in London, told the reporters, “My mum is saying they [Hamas] were very friendly towards them. They took care of them,” adding that they were provided with medicines during their treatment. Talking about another victim, she said, “One of the men with them was badly injured from a motorbike accident on the way.” However, according to her mother, “one of the paramedics gave him medicine and antibiotics.” As told by Lifshitz’s daughter, the Hamas militants “were friendly and they kept the place very clean.” Sharone also added, “My mum is saying they were very delicate and caring with them, and took care of all their needs.”Released Israeli hostage reveals why she shook hands with a Hamas gunman, 'because they...'


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