Tuesday, December 5, 2023

‘Really proud my children are mixed race’: Harry asserts, a dig at royal family

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Britain’s Prince Harry said that he is really proud that his children are mixed race, in an apparent dig at the royal family.

People don’t talk about what it’s like to be mixed race,” Meghan Markle said in the documentary of the Sussexes.

“And I think a lot of that is, you’re not white enough or you’re not black enough. But I don’t see the world that way,” she added.

Prince Harry then talked about his children, asserting, “My son, my daughter, my children are mixed race, and I’m really proud of that. When my kids grow up and they look back at this moment, and they turn to me and say, ‘What did you do in this moment?’ I want to be able to give them an answer.

“I think it’s such a responsibility as human beings that if you bring a small person into this world, you should be doing anything you can to make the world a better place for them,” he said.

“But equally what’s most important for the two of us is to make sure that we don’t repeat the same mistakes that perhaps our parents made,” Prince Harry added.

The first three episodes of the six-part show began streaming today. The couple have previously rocked the royal family in a string of interviews and podcasts, and hit the headlines when they made an allegation of racism against an unnamed royal.‘Really proud my children are mixed race’: Harry asserts, a dig at royal family


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