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Prince Harry deeply concerned about Meghan Markle’s increasing stress levels, ‘stress patch’ raises alarm

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Amid swirling rumors and a series of career blows, Prince Harry is reportedly feeling deeply concerned about his wife Meghan Markle’s increasing stress levels. The couple, who’ve faced a barrage of challenges lately, seem to be navigating uncharted waters when it comes to their work lives.

With speculations hovering over their marriage, a string of professional setbacks, and unwelcome critiques of their previous projects, Meghan, 42, has apparently been facing a heavy load of stress. An interesting twist to the story is her recent donning of a ‘stress patch’, a detail that hasn’t gone unnoticed.

The patch, which was observed on Meghan earlier this month while Prince Harry, 38, was on a solo trip to Asia, is now being seen by insiders as a cryptic signal aimed at her loved ones. A source from Closer magazine noted that Meghan’s use of the patch could be a subtle yet effective way of sending “a silent but effective cry for help” to those close to her, particularly her husband.The past few months have taken their toll on Meghan, with a series of setbacks hitting her career trajectory. Their Netflix docuseries missed the mark at the Emmys, and her podcast, Archetypes, met its end with Spotify. The source surmises that the stress patch might be indicative of Meghan grappling with the “sheer scale of stress” and the “weight of responsibility” on her shoulders.

But it’s not just Meghan who’s concerned. Prince Harry is said to be deeply worried about his wife, being no stranger to the difficulties that come with public scrutiny and high expectations. The source claimed, “Harry has been desperately worried about Meghan and all the stress she’s had to endure for longer than he can remember.”

In her quest to manage stress, Meghan has reportedly turned to wellness practices like meditation and yoga. The source also disclosed that she is committed to regular exercise and finds solace in her friendships.

However, it’s not all doom and gloom for the couple. Despite the challenges, Meghan seems to be finding ways to cope and find support. “The fact she’s now resorting to wellness patches to cope makes Harry even more concerned,” the source revealed.

Prince Harry deeply concerned about Meghan Markle's increasing stress levels, ‘stress patch’ raises alarm


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