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Pregnant Neha Dhupia does prenatal yoga, advocates staying fit in new video

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Talk show host and actor Neha Dhupia is inspiring all would-be-moms and her followers with a new video of herself doing yoga in the comfort of her home. The star recently announced that she is pregnant with her and Angad Bedi‘s second child. Today, she posted an Instagram reel in which she did various prenatal yoga stretches, and we are in awe.

Neha Dhupia shared a fast-forward video of herself doing various prenatal yoga, a practice specifically designed for pregnant people. In the post, she talked about how pregnant women need to continue with things they have been practising before pregnancy during the nine months.

Neha added that she has been practising yoga and meditation for almost 20 years, and she plans to continue doing it through her second pregnancy. She even advised pregnant women to stay fit, active and do prenatal yoga under guidance.

Neha captioned the video, “They say that everything that you have been practising before your pregnancy is something you should continue with, for the 9 months too. Yoga and meditation is a form of exercise I have doing for almost 20 years.”

She continued, “Of course the body responds very differently now, but staying fit and active is something I would advocate all through. The asanas are very different when you are practising pre natal yoga and must be done under guidance.”

In the reel, Neha does several prenatal yoga asanas like the Downward-Facing Dog Pose or Adho Mukha Svanasana, Warrior II Pose or Virabhadrasana II, Triangle Pose or Trikonasana, Pranayama, Child’s pose or Balasana, Tree Pose or Vrikshasana, and many more.

Neha Dhupia and Angad Bedi announced last week that they are expecting their second baby. The couple married each other in May 2018, and they welcomed their daughter Mehr just a few months later.Pregnant Neha Dhupia does prenatal yoga, advocates staying fit in new video


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