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Plane crashes into car after missing runway during emergency landing in Texas

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A small propeller plane crashed into a car after overshooting the Runway 17 while making an emergency landing at Aero Country Airport. The accident occurred in the Dallas suburb of McKinney, Texas, on Saturday, November 11, leaving one person injured and others unharmed. A bystander Jack Schneider recorded the footage of the crash. Recalling the incident, Schneider said, “I saw the airplane coming down the runway quickly I knew that he wasn’t gonna have time to stop.” He added, “It was clearly going too fast, the tires were smoking,” as per WFAA-TV.In the video, the plane can be seen smashing through a fence during an emergency landing. It skidded onto the road ahead and collided with a silver sedan. Soon after the crash, medics arrived at the scene and took the car driver who suffered minor injuries to the hospital while the other passengers were unharmed. The flight originated in Midland, a Texas oilpatch city 330 miles west of Dallas, according to the McKinney Fire Department.

According to an X user who also shared the video, the flight was an “Experimental Lancair IV-P Propjet (N751HP).” The cause behind the crash is being investigated by the Federal Aviation Administration as per BBC. Soon after the video went viral on social media, netizens expressed their shock in the comment section. One wrote, “I hope everyone is ok.”

Another X user said, “Prayers for the persons injured.” One more said, “Don’t drive and text.” Yet another user revealed more details, saying, “Two onboard the aircraft and one person inside a car received non fatal injuries. Sources say that the aircraft experienced pressurization problems shortly after reaching 25000ft.”

Plane crashes into car after missing runway during emergency landing in Texas


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