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Newark Airport Bar & grill launches a David Brooks special, roasts the columnist

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David Brooks, an American political and cultural commentator recently criticised the American economy in a Twitter post where he shared a photo of a $78 meal at the Newark airport.

Posting the photo of a burger, french fries, tomato, lettuce, ketchup packets and a glass of what might be an alcoholic beverage he captioned, “This meal just cost me $78 at Newark Airport. This is why Americans think the economy is terrible.”

While yesterday it was only the Americans who wreaked havoc on the New York Times columnist, today the restaurant itself took advantage of their increasing popularity to launch a David Brooks special meal and additionally criticise the columnist for his post.

The meal which apparently cost David $78 is being offered by the bar & grill named Smoke House Baebeque for only $17.78. The owners have named the meal ‘D Brooks Special.’

In a Facebook post, the bar & grill captioned “Just added to the Menu. We’re the topic of America right now! #youcantbeatourmeat.

Reactions on social media

Social Media users are all for the restaurant’s witty use of the opportunity.

Many actually suggested that they would try the meal out when visiting the airport.

“If I am ever in the Newark airport, there is a 0% chance I’m not stopping in for this exact meal. 🍔🥃”

as their social media team would have a field day with an opportunity like this.

“Is there a way to get David Brooks to take a shot at Wendy’s? With their social media people, we would get at least a week’s entertainment, if not a month.”

Along with this, many were just appreciative of the fact that the restaurant befittingly replied to David. writing, “This is why we stay on Twitter” and “This gives me hope for this country.”

Newark Airport Bar & grill launches a David Brooks special, roasts the columnist


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