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Nepal says it will remove debris, take action against stone pelters

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Days after the stone pelting incident at the Indo-Nepal border in the Dharchula area of Pithoragarh district in Uttarakhand, which followed a protest, Nepalese officials have agreed to remove debris deposited on the Nepalese side of river Kali, the officials said.

According to the officials, after the talks with Nepalese authorities, they promised the task will be started within 10 days.

“We have called tenders for the work of the removal of debris which will be started within 10 days,” said Deerghraj Upadhayay, chief district officer of Dharchula, Nepal (equivalent to district magistrate in the Indian administration system).

India is building an embankment wall on the Indian side of the Indo-Nepal border on river Kali to prevent flooding in Dharchula town during the monsoon.

The debris is reportedly causing impediments in the construction of the embankment wall on river Kali as it pushes water flow in India resulting in a lack of space for the construction.

Some Nepalese hurled stones at Indian workers from across the border on Sunday to stop the work on the Indian side. The incident led to tension between people of both countries which followed a protest and prompted officials to talk with each on the matter.

A meeting of the Indo-Nepal border coordination committee was held at the NHPC guest house in Dharchula on Wednesday, the first level talks were held on Monday after Sunday’s stone pelting incident. Besides top district officials of both sides, several subordinate officers also attended the meeting.

According to Pithoragarh district magistrate Reena Joshi, Nepalese officers also agreed to take legal action against the Nepalese citizens who hurled stones at Indian workers.

“We have also sought assurance from the Nepalese officers that such incidents should not recur in the future.” said the DM.

After Nepal already constructed a protection wall on their side of the river, the Indian side is also constructing a protection wall on its side.

“India also has the right to give safety to its citizens against the flooding,” said Bhupendra Singh Thapa, president of the traders union of Dharchula town.Nepal says it will remove debris, take action against stone pelters


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