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National Use Your Gift Card Day 2024 – History, how to celebrate, all you need to know



Gift cards are a holiday staple, but what happens when they get tucked away and forgotten? Fear not! National Use Your Gift Card Day, celebrated every third Saturday of January, urges you to dust off those neglected cards and make the most of them.

Gift card stats: The gift that keeps on giving

According to the National Retail Federation, Americans splash out nearly $30 billion on gift cards during the holiday season. But here’s the catch – billions of dollars worth of these cards end up unused or forgotten. Let’s change that!

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How to celebrate National Use Your Gift Card Day

Find those gift cards, even with small balances. Check for special deals and coupons to make your gift card purchases even more exciting. Plan to spend slightly more than the card’s value to avoid lingering small balances. Host a gift card swap party with friends or coworkers. Trade unwanted cards and leave with something you truly desire. If a gift card doesn’t match your taste, check for companion locations, cash-out options, or donate to charitable organizations like St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.

History of National Use Your Gift Card Day

Retail’s big win: Retailers score big when selling gift cards, but a significant chunk often goes unused – estimated at $1 billion annually.

January reminder: Falling just three weeks into January, this day serves as a wake-up call to redeem those winter holiday gift cards.

1994: Neiman Marcus introduces the first gift cards.

1996: Blockbuster launches the first successful gift card.

1998: Gift cards become a trend with major retailers like Macy’s and the Gap.

2001: Starbucks launches the first reusable gift card.

National Use Your Gift Card Day – Fun facts gift cards

93% of Americans gift cards: The go-to present for almost all occasions.

Amazon rules: The most popular gift card in 2019 was from Amazon.

Birthday gift trend: 68% of people gift cards for birthdays.

Starbucks transactions: Almost half are made using gift cards.

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What is Buttercrunch?

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How to make Buttercrunch

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