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Meghan’s Archetypes: A podcast flop? The shocking reality behind the hyped series

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Bill Simmons criticizes Harry & Meghan as their $20M podcast deal ends. Their Archetypes series failed, and their fairytale crumbles as they face challenges.

American Sports mogul Bill Simmons, also Spotify’s Head of Podcast Innovation and Monetization, openly refers to Harry and Meghan as “the f***ing grifters.” The couple’s $20 million podcast deal with Spotify has ended, with their Archetypes series being scrapped after just one lackluster season. The snail-paced production and declining listenership seemed to seal their fate. It appears that the market has spoken, and the fairy tale fantasy crafted by the couple is crumbling.The Duke and Duchess of Delusion, who have continuously spun their tale of pity, have faced the harsh reality of the real world. Their attempts to leverage their fame and victim narrative have fallen flat, and their grand ambitions of global domination have been dashed. Even their previous success in bamboozling the CEO of Disney for voiceover work in 2019 couldn’t save their sinking podcast venture.

Simmons’s scathing remarks provide a glimpse into the behind-the-scenes disappointment at Spotify, hinting that the recollections of their short-lived partnership may not be so positive. The departure from the British Royal Family was supposed to grant them freedom and success in the real world, but it seems they underestimated the challenges that awaited them.

Meghan’s Archetypes series failed to capture listeners’ interest and reportedly frustrated Spotify bosses due to its slow production pace. The couple’s perceived entitlement and repetitive victim/activist narrative did not resonate with audiences. This misstep may cost Harry and Meghan a staggering $10 million.

The Duke and Duchess of Delusion have hit a wall, with their once-beloved fairy tale narrative crumbling under the scrutiny of the real world. As the dust settles, one question remains: Who will be the next to abandon the grievance-tour bus that Harry and Meghan have ridden for far too long?Meghan's Archetypes: A podcast flop? The shocking reality behind the hyped series


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