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Mapped drugs network in 472 districts, will spare no one: Amit Shah in LS

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Union home minister Amit Shah on Wednesday said the government will come down heavily on drug traffickers adding that in two years, those involved in such businesses will not be spared.

The home minister said the government will set up district level Narco Coordination Center (NCORD) and asked leaders to not politicise India’s war against drugs menace.

Replying to a debate on drug use, Shah also informed Lok Sabha that the government has “mapped the entire route of drug smuggling in India” spread across 472 districts and is set to ban a large number of items that are alternatives to drugs for users.

“Drug menace is a major problem and drug money also contributes in funding terrorism. There are three ways to fight this menace namely cooperation, coordination and collaboration. These are essential in this fight. And this is not a fight of any government or a party or a government agency,” Shah said in Lok Sabha.

The home minister informed that in 2019, the government has set four levels of NCORD ranging from the Centre to the districts but indicated that a lot of work remains to be done.

“Recently, we had fifth meeting of the Narco Coordination Center (NCORD). Nearly 100% states have formed state level Narco Coordination Center (NCORD). But most important is district level NCORD. As long as DC and SP sit together with social welfare officer for creating NCORD, we can’t fight this war effectively. 32% of districts have set up NCORD. The day all districts are covered, we will benefit in this war,” he added.

He recalled that India has asked the Interpol to share real time information of narcotics and terror.

“We have mapped the entire route of drug smuggling in India, mapped 472 districts”, he said.

Elaborating on the systems India has put in place, the union home minister pointed out that frontline forces such as BSF, Indian Coast Guards and SSB have been empowered to file cases and NIA can go to any country to conduct probe.

Hitting out at the critics, Shah said, “People who are trying to make political issue are supporting drug network.”

Defending the drug hauls in Gujarat, Shah lashed out at the political rivals and said, “Drug hauls doesn’t mean Gujarat is the largest source of drugs. It shows the state is best in seizing drugs. One national leader (Rahul Gandhi) who is now in yatra said Gujarat has become drugs hub, isn’t it better to seize drugs? This campaign is not of a government or a party or an agency. State and Centre will work together. The fight is at a critical juncture. I appeal, don’t do politics on this issue.”

Shah expressed confidence that no culprits in drug business can live outside the scanner of agencies as they have identified 60-70% narcotic substances come through air and sea routes.

The agencies are also using drones and other methods to monitor areas where such plants were being produced.

“Hackathons have been organised to ban dark net and crypto. We have created five modules to train people how to build a case, electronic data analysis and rehabilitation. We are preparing to ensure chances of bail for accused is minimum. This is Modi government and people who don’t follow rules, will not be spared. Money flow to states will be monitored closely. But people who want to change demography and use FCRA (Foreign Contribution (Regulation) Act, 2010), they will face the law.”

Shah also stressed on the fact that the government successfully gave cooking gas connections, drinking water and power connection to the needy.

“This government takes its efforts to its logical end. We have delivered bijli, gas, nal se jal. We have decided the country will not be destroyed by drugs”, Shah added.Mapped drugs network in 472 districts, will spare no one: Amit Shah in LS


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