No one saw it coming, what happened in 2020, and actor Katrina Kaif couldn’t agree more. While her Instagram kept us updated on what all she was up to, she says that she’d like to look at whatever has happened so far from an “optimistic point of view”.

Elaborating her point, she tells us, “Of course, we all have had our bad days but then, there were sunny days too. It gave me the time to do a lot of introspection. I’m glad that I have a more organised life than ever and I hope to stick to my routines even when I begin working.”

Apart from her professional commitments, what had also kept the actor busy was being an entrepreneur before the lockdown happened. She adds that the time she got due to the Covid 19 crisis, she worked on herself, both mentally and physically.

While she has been working from home on whatever commitments she could fulfil, Kaif also focused on her business. Since being an actor is a full-time job, which consumes one’s whole life, didn’t it get hectic for her, taking out time for something else?

She shares, “I believe that if you love something, you do find the time to invest in it. For as long as I can remember, makeup has been an innate part of my journey — from runway to the big screen and finally I rendered my love for it. Acting, on the other hand, is my love. So naturally, I did find the time to strike a balance between two of my passions.”

The actor’s venture, which completes a year, tied up with a foundation in their work to aid daily wage-earners in rural Maharashtra. Kaif informs, “The contribution went towards their initiative to ensure daily-wage earning families living in the villages around the Bhandara district received food and basic sanitary materials. As I look back, I feel contented, happy and overwhelmed, but there’s a long way to go.”

Kaif has also been using her voice as a celebrity to draw attention to different causes she feels strongly about, and one of them is education for the girl child.

She says, “It’s our responsibility to engage in social causes and do something meaningful for those in need in any capacity that we can. Ever since I was a child, I’ve seen my mother engaging in charitable causes. She inspired me to do my bit. I have always felt very strongly about gender equality and everyone’s right to quality education.”