The Indian Navy on Friday successfully test fired its anti-ship missile (AshM) in the Bay of Bengal from its Guided Missile Corvette INS Kora and hit the target at max range with “precise accuracy”.

“Target ship severely damaged and in flames,” the Navy said in a tweet, adding, “Anti-ship missile fired by Indian Navy’s Guided Missile Corvette INS Kora hits the target at max range with precise accuracy in Bay of Bengal.”

Last week, the Navy had released a video showing the anti-ship missile launched by its Missile Corvette INS Prabal hitting a ship and sinking it with “deadly accuracy”.

The missile was launched as part of a mega drill involving aircraft carrier INS Vikramaditya , aircraft and a number of warships, attack helicopters and other assets of the Navy. “AShM launched by Indian Navy Missile Corvette INS Prabal, homes on with deadly accuracy at max range, sinking target ship,” Spokesperson of the Indian Navy had tweeted alongside videos and pictures from the drill.

In the last few weeks, the Indian Navy has carried out a number of joint maritime exercises.

Last month, the Navy held a three-day drill with Japanese counterpart, and also a two-day exercise with the Australian Navy in the Indian Ocean Region, where the countries participated in drills as such helicopter operations, anti-aircraft exercise and different types of naval activities.