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Today, Science has made lot of advancement in almost every field. Also, we humans are curious and innovative by nature. They have fondness of creating astonishing and strange things from the beginning era. The tall buildings, bridges, massive statues and other modern engineering projects ,all are blessings of Science to humans. That’s why humankind’s history is fully loaded with various man-made wonders. Below given are some engineering marvels that have made positive effects on human life and these wonders definitely make you peer in amazement at the procedure which led to their presence:

.Golden Gate Bridge  : This bridge is one of the most recognized and influential symbols of the United States. It opened in 1937 and till 1964, it was the longest suspension bridge in the world. Being considered as one of the most beautiful bridges in the world, this $27 million project spans the golden gate strait, connecting the city of San Francisco to Marin County.

 ,The Large Hadron Collider (LHC) ,Geneva, Switzerland: is located underground in a 574-foot depth tunnel with a circumference of 17 miles. The primary reason for building the LHC was to answer numerous essential inquiries of science and the universe and additionally advancements of technologies, for example, medical imaging, electronics among many other. It is the world’s biggest and most powerful particle-energy accelerator that has helped change modern physics. This project was completed in 2008 & was developed by European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN)

  • Brooklyn Bridge : The bridge was initially designed by German engineer, John August Roebling, but due to his death, he was replaced by his son, Washington Roebling who took charge of the project. It cost $15.5 million to build it and got completed in 1883, it connects the boroughs of Manhattan and Brooklyn by spanning the East River. It is one of the oldest bridges in the United States, and it’s both a suspension and cable-stayed bridge. Since it opened, it has become a historic icon of New York City, and was designated a historic landmark in 1964.
  • The Bailong Elevator (Zhangjiajie, China) : This elevator was opened in 2002 for public use.It’s height is 1,070 feet and consists of three double-story glass elevators. It is the most highest and heaviest out lift on the planet. The Bailong Elevatoris erected on the side of a colossal cliff in Zhangjiajie National Forest Park in China. It takes two minutes to ride from the base to the top and can convey 50 individuals in one trip.

     .   Qingdao Haiwan Bridge : The bridge was designed by the Shandong Gaosu Group, and it took    four years to build, with at least 10,000 workers employed for its construction and construction costs equate to 900 million in British pounds. It is also known as Jiaozuo Bay Bridge and the world’s longest bridge over water at 41.58 km (25.84 miles). It connects the city of Qingdao in Eastern China with the Huangdao suburbs, across the water of Jiaozuo Bay.  .

The Venice Tide Barrier Project (Venice, Italy) : It was the solution of 40 years of debating on,” How to prevent the Venice city from sinking and keep it safe from constant seawater flooding”. This project is one of the mammoth flood prevention project in the world, initiated in 2003. The Dam consists of 78 rotating gates, each with an area of 6,500 square feet. The gates are built up with large metal boxes that sunk under the bottom of the sea.

Burj Khalifa(Dubai)  : . It was designed by Skidmore, Owings and Merrill (SOM), and the design is inspired by the patterns and structures in Islamic architecture. This building has broken numerous other records, as the building with most floors at 211 and it has received immensely positive reception. This building was named in honour of the ruler of Dubai and president of the United States Arab Emirates.. It is the tallest structure in the world, standing at 829.8 meters and the structure cost $1.5 billion to build . It was designed as the centerpiece for a new development called Downtown Dubai. At the time of its opening in 2010, it had the highest observational deck in the world.

. Lilypad, The Floating Green EcoCity : A Lilypad is a completely self-sufficient floating city that can accommodate up to 50,000 residents and support a great deal of biodiversity. This could be located close to land to follow the ocean currents wherever it leads. It is one of the massive and amazing green wonders project ever built with an amazing concept to built various floating eco-city islands as relocation destination during the climate change catastrophes. Also, this would include the full facility of renewable energy technologies including solar, thermal, wind, tidal and biomass to produce more energy than it consumes.


                                                                                                       -Dr. Dimpy Gupta

BDS, MBA(Symbiosis, Pune)

Relationship manager

Indus Hospitals(Mohali, Dera Bassi, Fatehgarh Sahib,Punjab)



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