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How US midterm election results could impact Russia-Ukraine war



As US goes to polls on November 8, there is worry as to how the results could impact the Russia-Ukraine war. Top Republicans have said that they may reduce aid to Ukraine if they win control of Congress. Some have also questioned its merits as US struggles with inflation.

Earlier last month, house minority leader Kevin McCarthy suggested that a Republican-controlled Congress would not be writing a “blank cheque” for Ukraine.

This means that if Democrats lose control of the House, it would become very difficult for US president Joe Biden to deliver aid to Ukraine as the lower chamber of Congress initiates all spending resolutions, according to US Constitution. In May Missouri senator Josh Hawley had also said that Ukraine aid is “not in America’s interests” and “allows Europe to freeload”

But not all Republicans think the same as only 57 in the House of Representatives and 11 in the Senate voted against a $40m aid package to Ukraine earlier this year.

Although, US will not completely withdraw the aid to Ukraine, experts have said that the aid could be significantly slashed. But Ukrainian defence minister Oleksii Reznikov said that regardless of who wins, he is confident that nothing will change in US’ support for Ukraine.

“I got a lot of signals that it doesn’t matter who will steer… bipartisan support for Ukraine will be continued. I believe in that,” he said.

Americans also support Ukraine in the war as earlier this month a large portion of Americans said they were in favour of continued assistance – 73%, according to Reuters/Ipsos pollingHow US midterm election results could impact Russia-Ukraine war



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