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Floyd Mayweather: Bollywood is bigger than Hollywood

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Floyd Mayweather is in town. Which also means you don’t hold back the punches in a chat with him. The former world undisputed boxing champion is just as adept at striking up good conversation about his experiences, his love for all things Indian and of course, the secret to success, as he is on his two feet in the ring!

As part of a tour in India, he made a stop in Mumbai where a packed schedule saw him visit various landmarks like Gateway of India, Siddhivinayak Temple and other spots, including dropping in to designer Manish Malhotra’s store in Bandra.
The affable 47-year-old legend gets candid on his professional learnings, his diet and what he thinks of Bollywood, over a chat with HT City:

You’ve been undefeated in your boxing career. What is the one secret to your success?
FM: The secret to my success is I’m always strategising. I’m always seeking, I’m always learning. I’m confident, but at the same time I’m calculated. I am confident enough to know that I’m going to win because in my mind, I’ve already won; I’ve already conquered the challenge. It’s mental jujitsu and that’s what I ‘m doing.” He adds, “To sum that it would be knowing in my mind I’ve won, telling myself that I have already won and constantly strategising and never losing focus or sight on the prize.”

You’re said to have the ability to foresee the moves your opponent will make. How do you do that?
FM: Well, I just learn,’ I constantly learn. I’ve mastered the art of boxing. I feel that is why I’m known as TBE (the best ever) and I’m intuitive. I study my opponent very well. I don’t think I know it all, but I know enough to know which direction my opponent will be going in. And I’m quick, I’m quick on my feet, quick with my hands and it all comes through my training, the decisions I make and it comes through the amount of time I spend on constantly improving my skills.
I am a globally-recognised athlete. I did that by discipline, making the right choices and by surrounding myself with the right people and that’s how I became the best ever. Because I was able to focus on what mattered.

Before a fight, what is your diet like?
FM: Training camp is training camp. And training camp is very serious. It’s all about how many calories you put into your body a day, so my diet is very strict: it’s lean, it’s about how cutting weight and being in the best physical shape possible. Drinking a lot of water and staying hydrated and getting a lost of rest. It’s also a 12-week process and during those 12 weeks, I’m strictly focused on conquering my opponent.

Do you enjoy Bollywood movies and who’s your favourite actor?
FM: I enjoy all movies. I do think that Bollywood is bigger than Hollywood. I am very familiar with it and with some of the big names that are out here. One thing that a lot of the Bollywood names have in common with me is that they’re fit, they’re healthy, they focus on looking good, feeling great, staying in shape and they’re great brand ambassadors for Bollywood. I wouldn’t say that I have any one favourite actor because they’re so many and they’re so talented, but Salman Khan, Shah Rukh Khan, John Abraham, Ranveer Singh – they’re all great. I’d love to be involved in some capacity with them. Would I like to act in a Bollywood film? I’m open to any opportunity that presents itself. I know if there’s any opportunity I can be successful at it because my formula and recipe is the same for everything: If I get involved in something, I stay disciplined till I win.
You shared how one will never achieve success without being physically and mentally healthy. Please elaborate.
FM: It’s very important to me to spread the message about wellness and health because without health and wellness physically and without you being mentally well and healthy, you’re never going to achieve success in your life. Success starts with your mind; it starts with you believing in yourself. It starts with you having positive people around you. It doesn’t take a lot to go in the wrong direction, it’s actually very easy to do so. But to go in the right direction is the challenging part for most people. So it’s very important for me to let everyone know that my secret to becoming the best ever and the company that Jas Mathur and I have founded, all swings back to being healthy. It’s also staying away from toxic things like alcohol and drugs. I’m not saying don’t drink, because we live in world where everyone has a right to do what they want. But do; things in moderation. It all starts with your mind. And Limitless is whatever you can possibly imagine your mind.

Do you like Indian food?
Yes! I have Indian food before and I am looking forward to it all again. I have had a great time here so far, the people are wonderful and the food is absolutely phenomenal. I enjoy a bit of everything, so there was nothing that I did not seem fabulous to me.Floyd Mayweather: Bollywood is bigger than Hollywood


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