Friday, May 17, 2024

Canada waives off medical exams for 1,80,000 residence applicants: Details here

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Canadian government announced that it will waive off medical exams for around 180,000 temporary and permanent residence applicants who are already in the country.

Sean Fraser, Canada’s minister of immigration, refugees and citizenship said that the permanent and temporary residence applicants who are already in Canada and meet certain criteria are exempt from immigration medical examinations.

“This new measure will help provide faster processing and will benefit more than 180,000 applicants in Canada,” Sean Fraser said in a tweet.

The temporary policy exempts certain low-risk, in-Canada, foreign nationals from submitting an immigration medical examination (IME) as part of their application aimed at making the processing of the applications faster and thereby obtaining temporary or permanent resident status easier for foreign nationals.New or pending application for permanent or temporary residence or a permanent resident visa made from within Canada and those who have completed an immigration medical exam within the last 5 years, will be considered under the changed policy.

Applicants will still have to provide the unique medical identifier number from their previous medical exam while submitting the new application. The policy will be applicable till October 6, 2024.Canada waives off medical exams for 1,80,000 residence applicants: Details here


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