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Devoleena: Girls have to learn and should be taught to love themselves first



Devoleena Bhattacharjee doesn’t hesistate to call a spade a spade. The actor who doesn’t mince words spoke about moral policing of women in a recent post. She rues the fact that women are subject to comments and trolling on what they wear and how they behave on social media and society.

“On social media, people either troll or just put up glam pics or holiday pics. No one talks about important issues. Shakal aur kapdon se society modern lagti hai, but soch purani hai. Wohi soch change karni hai,” says the Saath Nibhaana Saathiya actor, adding, “We should teach girls to love and respect themselves first – that is most important! Women are taught to appease men in their lives from ones in the family to school, college, office and ultimate sasuraal. They are taught to have patience, calm and ability to hold a family together. In fact, the same trope is shown in so many shows and films too.”

Having worked in the television industry, she admits that even films and TV shows, influence the youth to look at women in a certain light. “Our society is still regressive and whatever is shown in TV shows is after a lot of research. The makers target their audience and want them to connect with the show, so they have to reflect society in serials. Women have been and still are the face of upholding traditions and values in society. They are told to put their inlaws first and their selves later. This is today’s modern day and age!”Bhattacharjee feels everything kids learn starts from their home be it values or morals. She explains, “If parents aren’t teaching their sons how to be, what to do and what not to do, they should behave the same with their daughters too. They should teach their daughters to prioritise themselves and never let anyone hurt your self-esteem. I know of many families who try for a boy even if they have five girls but won’t try otherwise.” She wants women to support each other and not try to pull each other down. She hopes women understand this sooner than later.Devoleena: Girls have to learn and should be taught to love themselves first



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