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‘Your religion isn’t…’, Vivek Ramaswamy asked how can US accept Hindu president, he replies

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An undecided Republican from Iowa today confronted presidential candidate Vivek Ramaswamy about his religion. During the CNN Townhall the audience member named Ginny Mitchell wondered how does Vivek Ramaswamy intends to run for election considering he does not follow the same religion as US founding fathers.

“What do you say to those who say to you that you cannot be our president because your religion is not what our founding fathers based our country on.”

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‘I am a Hindu and won’t fake my identity’, Vivek Ramaswamy asserts

Starting by saying he respectfully disagrees Vivek went on to say he is not a ‘fake convert’ and won’t lie to ramp up his political career, “I am a Hindu”. Going on to add Vivek asserted that Hinduism and Christianity “share the same value set in common”

“My faith teaches me that God puts each of us here for a purpose, that we have a moral duty to realise that purpose. That God works through us in different ways, but we are still equal because God resides in each of us.”

“I had a very traditional upbringing. My parents taught me, families are foundation, marriages are sacred, divorce isn’t an option you just prefer off a menu when things don’t go your way, abstinence before marriage is a way to go, adultery is wrong. That the good things in life involves a sacrifice. Are those foreign values?” Going on to add that these are very similar to Christian values.

‘Your religion isn't…', Vivek Ramaswamy asked how can US accept Hindu president, he replies


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