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Who is Samantha Hudson? Doritos cuts ties with transgender ambassador amid outrage over her controversial remarks

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Doritos recently announced transgender Samantha Hudson as its brand ambassador in Spain through a promo titled “Crunch Talks”. The flavoured tortilla chips firm received intense outrage after sharing the 50-second promotional video on Sunday, owing to Hudson’s previous inflammatory views.

Later, the company removed the video from its Instagram account and stated that it was not part of a bigger brand ambassadorship campaign.

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A spokesperson for Doritos Spain stated that Hudson has been suspended from the company owing to her previous provocative views about business, the family, and even child sexual abuse.

“We have ended the relationship and stopped all related campaign activity due to the comments,” the spokesperson told NY Post. “We strongly condemn words or actions that promote violence or sexism of any kind.”

Hudson backed “the abolition of … the traditional monogamous nuclear family,” reported Daily Mail, stating that she, at the age of 15, had expressed her desires to do “thuggish things” to a 12-year-old girl.

Hudson, however, regretted her posts once she became famous.

“Some tweets that I posted in 2015 are resurfacing and honestly I don’t know what to say, I don’t remember having written such barbarities,” she said, as per Rolling Stone. “At that time I dedicated myself to saying nonsense, the heavier the better, because I thought that ‘dark humor’ was funny.”

Who is Samantha Hudson?

Samantha Hudson’s initial name was Iván González Ranedo. In 2015, she changed her name and identified herself as a non-binary transgender girl. While she was attending high school in Mallorca, her song “Maricón” became viral on YouTube, gaining her widespread popularity.

Hudson bagged Best Spanish Artist at the 2023 MTV Europe Music Awards, following the release of three albums.

ocial media blasts Doritos for collaborating with Samantha Hudson

Following this, Doritos and its parent firm Frito-Lay faced massive backlash for collaborating with Spanish trans artist and YouTuber Hudson, who rose to fame for her travel, beauty and fashion content.

X user End Wokeness accused Hudson of being a pedophile. “Doritos just picked Samantha Hudson as their brand ambassador in Spain Samantha Hudson: -Admitted to being a pedophiIe -Identifies as a non-binary trans girl -Openly mocked victims of child r*pe -An advocate for ‘annihilating, completely destroying, and abolishing the traditional family’.”

Another user said Doritos is doubling down on wokeness by hiring Samantha Hudson. Several people also called for boycotting Doritos.

PepsiCo, Fritos and Hudson are yet to make any statement on the controversy.Who is Samantha Hudson? Doritos cuts ties with transgender ambassador amid outrage over her controversial remarks


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