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“We aren’t ready for Ozempic Trump”: X users on former POTUS’ drastic weight loss

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The world and its uncle – including Donald Trump – have been always very bothered about Trump’s physical attributes. The former POTUS has often been accused of being economic with the truth about his height and weight. For example, when he was arrested, Trump claimed he was 6’ 3’’ and 215 pounds, which would put him on par with NFL quarterbacks.More recently, he was spotted on Easter looking like had gone down a few pounds. X users in particular were very curious about his weight loss with some claiming that he was on Ozempic, a drug that is used as a weekly injection to lower blood sugar by helping the pancreas make more insulin.While Ozempic is not technically approved for weight loss, Wegovy, a medication that contains higher amounts of semaglutide than Ozempic is approved for chronic weight management in individuals with a BMI of 30 and higher.

In the past, Trump has denied taking Ozempic or Wegovy for weight loss and has instead claimed that he did it naturally. Reacting to Trump’s post, one user wrote: “We are not ready for the raw power of Ozempic Trump.”

Another wrote: “He’s on Ozempic. It’s so over. He’s lost the mandate of Heaven. He won’t win a single electoral delegate. He’s consigned to the dustbin of history now.”

A third wondered if Trump had been “replaced by an actor”.

A Trump supporter on the other hand got nostalgic about the former POTUS’ partiality towards Big Macs and wrote: “Bro needs a hamburger.”

Other floated the theory that Trump wasn’t on Ozempic but was “eating clean”.

While others also commented on Trump’s weight loss, one sartorially-minded commentator wondered: “Does this man not have a tailor? He’s swimming in his suits no matter what shape he’s in.”

In January, Trump claimed that he had lost 20 pounds during the election campaign. Trump had said: “ I’ve been so busy I haven’t been able to eat very much. I’m not able to sit down and eat like a person like you – you can sit down and eat. Me, it’s a little bit tougher.”“We aren’t ready for Ozempic Trump”: X users on former POTUS’ drastic weight loss


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