While Akshay Kumar has been largely silent in the face of boycott calls being made against his film Laxmii, his author wife Twinkle Khanna has written about her reaction to the controversy in her latest weekly column. Twinkle said that trolls have been sharing her morphed pictures on social media to get back at Akshay for allegedly hurting religious sentiments with the film’s title.Trolls online took Twinkle’s pictures, turned her skin blue and put a large red bindi on her face, just like Akshay was shown on the poster of Laxmii Bomb, before its name was changed to Laxmii. Religious groups took offence that a Hindu deity’s name was attached to the word ‘bomb’ and asked for a change to the film’s title.Writing about it in her column for The Times of India, Twinkle said that he found it ‘flattering’ to be called a bomb in her middle age. “The trolls have been after the man of the house’s Laxmmi Bomb and for some odd reason, they have taken pictures of me, turned my skin the same peacock shade as Lord Krishna, added a red bindi and are sharing posters called Twinkle Bomb. Honestly, I am rather flattered because this moniker has come along at the right time for, as a middle-aged woman, I was beginning to think that my bombshell days were far behind me,” she wrote.

Twinkle also wrote about troll-psychology and how they feed on attention. She said she has decided not to engage with them. “I look at another meme I am tagged in. This one comes with a comment, ‘Third class person. You make joke about God.’ I am almost tempted to reply, ‘God clearly likes a good joke, otherwise she would not have made you’,” she wrote in her article.

Laxmii Bomb is up for release on Disney+ Hotstar on Monday. It also stars Kiara Advani. Akshay plays a man who visits his wife’s old ancestral home when a woman’s spirit possesses him and changes his behaviour.