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Sonu Sood fights back tears while talking about oxygen shortage in India: ‘What country are we living in’

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Sonu Sood was seen fighting back his tears while discussing the shortage of India’s medical resources and its impact on the citizens. The actor has been at the forefront since the pandemic began, helping people across the country with resources.

In a recent conversation with journalist Barkha Dutt, Sonu emotionally recounted the numerous phone calls he receives, requesting help. The actor noted that the country has learned the importance of a good healthcare system but at a big cost.

“My heart breaks when I see all that. I have been listening to all these people and when I see those visuals, I can imagine myself,” he said, before adding, “Now I sometimes thank god that they are no more (his parents). I imagine they would have been so helpless and running for them, you feel failed like a failed human if you are not able to oxygen for your loved ones, a bed in the hospital for your loved ones. You fail as an individual, aapko lagta hai zindagi mein aapne kya kiya (you feel like you’ve done nothing in life).”

Sonu shared that has received calls for help even from ‘all well-established people, living in best of houses in Delhi.’ “We all have failed as humans, mujhe lagta hai hum log bhi fail ho gaye hai ki jab hum aise drishya dekhte hai saamne. (I feel we’ve failed when I see such sights,)” Sonu said. He explained that growing up, he heard that hospitals should a country’s healthcare system should be strong. He said that the country has learned the importance of the healthcare system but at the cost of numerous lives.

Sonu noted that enforcing laws to help citizens fight the pandemic and its aftermath after six months will not help. “I feel helpless every single day, mujhe nayee problems logo ki pata chalti hai and I feel ki ‘yaar, kis desh mein reh rahe hai hum log (I learn about newer problems and I feel what kind of country are we living in),” he added.Sonu’s philanthropic efforts have been lauded by citizens and fellow Bollywood stars. Priyanka Chopra recently shared a post, calling the actor ‘visionary philanthropist’ and supported his appeal to provide free education to children who lost their parents to Covid-19.


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