This year was a big one for Shilpa Shetty Kundra and her fans as the actor was set to make a comeback after a gap of 13 years. And it was going to be a double celebration for her as she had two films releasing. However, the Covid-19 pandemic played quite a spoil sport.

“Man proposes pandemic disposes ,” Shlipa says with a hearty laugh, adding that she isn’t sweating much about it as she has got this time to spend with her daughter, Samisha, who she welcomed via surrogacy on February 15.

“I’m someone who lives in the now, you’ve to take it as it comes, I don’t think my reintroduction on the big screen is more important than health. I don’t want to step out of the house as it is. When my daughter was born, I was so worried that I have two films, how would I manage?” she shares. The 45-year-old had almost finished Nikamma and a little of Hungama 2 was left before the pandemic struck. “So we had done it in a way that it was going to be easy for me post my daughter’s birth, but I still wouldn’t have got the time like I do now, with Samisha; this is priceless,” she adds.

Calling 2020 a “blur” for everyone, Kundra feels that things will not go back to normal before next year.

“My films are on floors. I don’t think it makes any sense for producers to release their films this years. I will wait for my time. 2021 is the year. 2020 didn’t exist,” she quips.

Given that many films have taken the digital route, would she be okay if her films, too, get a direct-to-OTT release? The actor reveals that the filmmakers of both her films aren’t too keen about the idea.