Monday, December 11, 2023

Pakistan PM Imran Khan’s address to nation postponed amid growing clamour for resignation

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Pakistan PM Imran Khan's address to nation postponed amid growing clamour for resignationPakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan cancelled his scheduled address to nation on Wednesday evening, news agency ANI quoted Pakistani media as saying. Khan is currently navigating through difficult political waters ahead of an impending debate in Pakistan National Assembly on a no-confidence-motion against his government. It is expected that Khan won’t be able to complete his five-year tenure as Prime Minister, as has been the case in Pakistan since 1947.

According to reports in Pakistani media, PM Imran Khan has lost the majority mark already after MQM (Muttahida Qaumi Movement) – an Imran Khan government ally – joined the ranks with Pakistan Movement for Democracy (PMD), a conglomeration of opposition parties demanding Imran Khan’s government to step away from administration citing rising inflation, corruption and unemployment. Two MQM ministers have also quit Imran Khan’s cabinet.

Pakistan National Assembly is set to debate on no-confidence-motion against Imran Khan on March 31.


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